An Update: Adrian Vera playing with The First Stone at Smith's Olde Bar

Adrian Vera will be playing with The First Stone at Smith

Adrian Vera will be playing with The First Stone at Smith's Olde Bar on October 13th at 7:00pm.

What”s up ya”ll?!

We”re in for a special night at Smith”s Olde Bar.  They just added Adrian Vera to the line-up on October 13th.  Adrian Vera is from Los Angeles, California and will only be in Atlanta for one night, so please be sure to check out his music as well.  His myspace is at: and below, there is a video.  Right now, he is recording new music and I think he has removed the old music on the myspace page to prepare for the new tunes.  Seriously, folks, this seems like a big night.  Below, is his bio from the myspace page:

“To call the progression of Adrian Vera”s music a “roller coaster ride”, would be an extreme understatement. It is by no accident, that Adrian Vera”s sound is what it is and carries that epic quality. The sound is a result of Adrian”s talent and hard work, while all along ensuring that the music remained in Spanish, despite strong English Label pressure to do otherwise. “I refused to join the redundancy I felt was going on in Latin pop rock, and knew this would make it much harder to get Latin label interest. It didn”t matter to me, as long as the music was as true and as large as it could be” Once Adrian met acclaimed producer engineer Caram Costanzo (Guns N Roses, Pearl Jam, Elton John), he knew there was no other way of achieving the sound he wanted.. “We went through a usual suspects list of Latin producers, but there was no one who really grasped the concept like Caram. He being an American producer added a fresher dynamic, which could stray us away from falling into the rut of sounding like other Latin artist.” As luck would have it, Costanzo was in the midst of producing the long awaited Guns N Roses album “Chinese Democracy” and was not available. Refusing to work with anyone else, Adrian threw away convenient studio accommodations and scheduling and began to record in Costanzo”s home studio, on off time from the GNR project. The sacrifice was well worth it in the end. With Caram producing and Eric Caudieux (Guns N Roses, Kanye West) engineering, Adrian Vera was able to achieve the larger than life epic rock sound that he sought after, and best of all, it was in Spanish!! “

View Adrian Vega on YouTube:
YouTube Preview Image

The Smith”s Olde Bar show is on October 13th at 7:00pm during Smith”s regular “3 for 5” night.  3 bands, $5 bucks.  Must be 21 to come and don”t forget to bring a friend.  We still have a few free tickets available and we”re looking to have a great night.  See you soon!

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