An update from The First Stone – The Summer Hiatus, Taylor Guitars & Elixir Strings Endorsement

Hey everyone!

Hope all is well.  We had a great winter and spring tour season and we’re taking a small break.  For those few lucky fans in Atlanta, you might get to see us this summer for a few local shows, but be sure to check us out in the fall with a some new tunes and our second album coming very soon.  In the past few months, a lot of big things have happened for the band and we’re VERY excited to tell the world about it.  Please be sure to sign up for our email list to find out when we’ll be playing next and when you’ll be able to hear new music.  Until then, keep rockin!

-Brian, Dave, Aubrey, & Nate

taylor elixir

PS.  An update!!!  We would love it if you can vote for us at the Taylor Guitars website.  We just entered a contest to become a Taylor Guitars & Elixir Strings Endorsees and also win studio time.  It doesn’t look like the site is up yet, but be sure to check out: to vote for The First Stone!  We would LOVE your support!

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