Anthem Guitars | A first look at the brand, the guitars, and the sound they produce.

Hey all!

If you haven’t been following along, I’d like to tell you again, that a few weeks ago, I signed an endorsement deal with Anthem Guitars and I’m proud to play their guitars.  When you get a chance, please visit their website at: and see the line of guitars they have.  Too bad I’m not a bass player, their bass guitars look great!

So, the other day, I was messing around on my Anthem Guitar and put it to the test!  The model I have is the PST20HB and it looks great.  It has a honeyburst finish, larger frets, and two great sounding humbuckers.  The wood is also an excellent choice.  For the price, you cannot beat it.  So, I played the guitar through my Fender Deluxe and and wow, on the clean, it really has that vintage clean sound.  Through a little chorus and slight distortion, I had a great time messing around with it.  I switched channels for a little drive and the guitar has a great blues tone when on the neck pick up.  For the blues players, this is your guitar.

After jammin’ on some Luther Allison tunes, I pulled out my overdrive pedal and switched to the bridge pickup for some great “classic” rock tones!  It does not have extremely hot pickups that you’d find in some guitars, but rather a perfect fit for that “classic” rock tone.  I was able to pull off a lot in the bridge pickup position alone. The neck feels great and has a little wider feeling towards te 12th fret, but it really plays well.

The thing I noticed about the guitar the most was its ease of use.  Its just really easy on the fingers, and I love how it sustains.  The combination of the good hardware, wood and pickups really make this guitar a great fit for me.  I’ll be playing this guitar on a lot of the band’s songs.

Well, to sum it up, it can be best said that this particular Anthem guitar (the PST20HB) has great hardware, great sustain, and that perfect classic rock sound.  All of this for a MSRP of $529.00.  If you’d like to get one, please conact me, or visit the Anthem website for more information.  We’ll be posting some vids soon of this guitar in action.  In the meantime, check out our youtube page at:

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