The First StoneThe First Stone is an eclectic culmination of working-class musicians based out of Atlanta, Georgia. TFS is led by front man Brian Kelly on guitar and vocals. Brian has spent time in Chattanooga, TN., Athens, and Augusta, GA as a solo artist and with other full band projects (Drive South, Tony Kick). Brian has a knack for creating original melodies and progressions and you add behind him a group of tenured professional musicians which creates the band The First Stone. Terry Kroon keeps the groove alive on bass while Mike Altis balances it all out on percussion and drums. Terry hails from Minnesota. It is cold up there… is all it takes to be a kick-ass bass player.. Guitar player Rick Falco Hails from Los Angeles, CA and is an amazing talent who helps shape many of the arrangements and provides backing vocals. The band has seen numerous lineup changes since their debut in 2008 but are clicking on all cylinders at the moment and excited to share the stage with the finest local and National acts passing through Atlanta. All 3 studio releases can be found on itunes and spotify.
Quarter to Never – 2009
Also That – 2011
The First Stone EP – 2014

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