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headerHey all!

We just entered in a new contest for the Briggs & Stratton Battle of The Bands and are excited to be in the top 300 bands!  This is an online battle of the bands determined by number of votes and you can vote up to 10 times a day.  So, if you can, head over to: and vote for us so we can win our first online battle of the bands with Briggs & Stratton.

We need your vote!

Here are the directions:

1.  Visit:

2.  Find “The First Stone.”  (If you have trouble finding us, click on the word that says “band” at the top of the first column and it will sort all bands by name.)

3.  Click “Vote Now.”

4.  It will ask for an email address, but you do not have to sign up for any email list.  It gives you the option to sign up if you want.

5.  Repeat 9 more times because you can vote ten times a day until May 3rd, 2009.
Again, thanks everyone for being such great fans.  We’re really excited about the Briggs & Stratton Battle of the Bands and also for our next gig on April 16th at Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, GA.  For those of you who do not know about the event, please visit for more information.

In other news, Brian has gained 10 lbs in ONE DAY!  Yeah, he is trying hard for his Little Debbie Snack Cakes Endorsement!  Wish him luck .   Until next time!…

-The First Stone

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