Good times at Midtown Music Hall in Chattanooga, TN!

img_3305-copyHey all!

Would you look at that bass?  Its pretty crazy looking.  Yeah, it has 12 strings on it!

So, we rocked it at The Midtown Music Hall in Chattanooga, TN with Jason Lyles & The Sonic Avatars and Underhill and probably had our best show EVER.  We were tearin’ it up.  Not going to mention any names, but someone in the band forgot to bring some CDs to sell!!!!!!  Guess they’ll just have to come to the website and get the new CD.

Underhill was a nice surprise.  I heard some people saying they were a cross between My Morning Jacket and Pearl Jam.  They were good, nonetheless  Check their stuff out at:

img_3357-copyJason Lyles and The Sonic Avatars released their new CD  and it was a packed night.  A big thanks goes out to our soundman of the night Joey who ran things pretty smoothly and kept all the bands sounding great.   There is a reason why people think this is the best sounding club in Chattanooga, and I’m sure he is a big reason why.  We were partying the whole night!  Pictures are up on the pictures page, so check em out and leave any comments you may have on this page.  Hope to see you at the next show!

Keep on Rockin!!!

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