Halloween in ATL

band of horsesfox-theatre-e1283462021206Big things on the horizon!!!! Stay tuned this month. We’re headed back to Southern Tracks to finish up this masterpiece of a record. Seriously you will flip! Listening to some new music @ the moment. Go check out DROPSONIC immediately! They’re playing at the Star Bar tomorrow and if I can convince Terry (the coolest kid I know) to drive us then we are definitely gonna rock it out! I love ATL by the way.

Shhhhh….we may just have found ourselves a new manager and producer this week. Look out! Big things are happening. Nate is in Chi-Town and Aubrey is somewhere thinking deep thoughts.   As for me I’m headed to the Fabulous Fox on saturday evening with my wife and 2 of my oldest and dearest friends Dick and Aharon for the band of horses show.   Go listen to “Detlef Schrempf” off of  the record “Cease to Begin” immediately if you need a chill pill.

Love – BKelly

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