I just went #phishing on Twitter.com. What does #phish mean?!?!?!

So, I couldn”t believe it when I logged into the band”s twitter.com account and saw what the highest trending topic was!

It was #phish!  Kind of odd, don”t you think?!  I thought so.  

There were only two things that popped into my head when I saw that:


1.  The band “Phish” (whom, we all love in the band!)  (This is what I casino thought the fuss was about)

2.  Something to do with “phishing” as in a “phishing” for personal info through a website.  (then this was second)


I really didn”t know what the confusion was about, so I looked at the real-time results for #phish and this is the picture I got!




Anywho… As you can see ( from clicking on the picture… most were confused..)


Does anyone know why there has been so much #phishing on Twitter?  If so, lemme know!

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