Mastering is complete!!!Quarter to Never

We really got the red carpet treatment with our first record.  Between recording at Southern Tracks and having our album mastered by Rodney Mills…I am willing to bet that no other unsigned band in the history of planet earth ever had a better experience the first time around.  This was truly a treat for me every step of the way.  I learned so much about the process and the art of mixing/engineering/mastering.  Everything that these guys do behind the scenes is really something else.  They are artists in every sense of the word.  I want to give a huge shout out to Steven Morrison, our engineer/producer, who was both very patient and very instrumental in the completion of this record.  From the string arrangements on “What About You” to the wurlitzer and Hammond B3 on “#13” to the piano on “With a Little Luck” to the pipe organ on “Are You With Me” and EVERYTHING INBETWEEN.  Morrison, we are so appreciative of the work you put in.  You were the glue that held the whole damn thing together…especially when I went into A.D.D. overload and had to walk out and shoot hoops or bat the wiffle ball around.  Thank You.  When I took the trip up to Rodney Mills Masterhouse I was baffled to see that his studio might be the only place on earth that has more gold/platinum records on the wall than even Southern Tracks.  The dude is an honest, genuinely funny good ole boy from GA that has made a career out of working with the finest musicians you’ll find anywhere.  As he told me when I walked in…”give me the disk and we’ll see what we can do to screw it up from here”.  NOTHING could be further from the truth.  If you need to master something…do yourself a favor and give Rodney a call

Some of you may be wondering where the title for the record came from and I guess I am mostly responsible.  It just hit me one day as I was sitting in the control room on one of the first full days at Southern Tracks.  I remember sitting back and reflecting on my life and the highs and lows I’ve experienced over the last several years and the one thing that kept sticking out in my mind as I watched Morrison turn more knobs than I’ve ever seen in my life on that gigantic mixing board they have is that if you would have asked me at any point in my life if I would be lucky enough to be sitting where I was that the answer would have been a resounding “Quarter To Never”.  It’s also somewhat appropriate for me as well in the sense that this has always been a lifelong dream of mine to make a record…a real record.  For a dude that is about to turn 30 it is such a sureal feeling to finally have it all come together.  I remember being that dumb, skinny 15 year old kid and walking into a pawn shop and laying down $150 for a harmony acoustic guitar (thanks mom).  I remember playing it till my fingers would bleed (insert Bryan Adams pun here).  I love to play and always will.  The songs on this record are real stories from things I’ve experienced over the last ten years.  This band (Dave, Aubrey, and Nate) really brought them to life.  I am so lucky to play music with these guys.  They are some of the best friends I could ever ask for.    I hope you enjoy the record and we’ll see you out at a show soon.

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