Week 2: My unbelievable guitar students!

campbellI don't know what it is, but each week, my guitar students keep amazing me.  Each week, I get the treat of teaching a father and his son.  (Actually, during the week, there are two times I get to do this with two dad-son combos. ) It's a fun fun time!

Last week, this particular dad/son(see pic to the right) called me to say that the son could not make it to lessons next week because he had injured his wrist skateboarding (whoohoo!) and had a cast on his wrist and hand.  The father said that he would still be attending lessons this week though.  I was pretty bummed about it because as a guitar teacher, I know that when you take a break from playing, you can lose motivation as well.  Especially with an injury, you come back “rusty” and it is harder to play.  Sometimes, it can cause students to give up completely.  I was still fortunate the father was going to be taking les

sons though.

Well, this week for lessons, I was only expecting the father to show up, but sure enough, the father AND THE SON showed up!  I asked the son, “So, how are you going to play?  Doesn't it hurt?”  His dad interrupted and said, “I tried to tell him he doesn't have to come, but he really wanted to come.”  I asked the little man and he said he was “fine” and was able to play.  I was obviously skeptical, but sure enough, I was impressed during lessons!  He couldn't put his thumb around the guitar, but he just used the little bit of fingers he had left and continued to play.  I was seriously impressed!  This kid will be a monster guitar player when he is older and his dad will definitely be good too.  He is getting good already!

So, I of course, told them, I have to share this awesome story with everyone and get a picture.  So, here it is!  Click the picture above to see him with his cast on.  He is pretty determined!  I'm just excited to see him grow with his guitar playing.  With determination like that, he'll go far!  I'll keep you all updated on his progress (and of course, other students!)  Maybe some videos in the future!