New Guitar Brand | Anthem Guitars & Nate Kieser's Endorsement. Congrats!

Hey everyone!

Great news.  Our guitar player Nate just signed a deal with Anthem Guitars for an endorsement.  He will be glad to play this new brand of guitars at all of our shows and show support for this growing new brand.  Check out their line of guitars are: 
In the mean-time Brian, our lead singer, is still working on his endorsement with Little Debbie Snack Cakes, but they said he”ll have to gain 50 lbs before they”d consider him.  For the next few weeks, Brian is on a strict diet of Oatmeal pies.  Yeah, its tough being a rock star!

Congrats Nate on the deal with Anthem.  Come out to our next big show at SweetWater Brewery on April 16th and hear this great new brand.  Also, look for new videos of the guitar in action on the Anthem Guitars YouTube Channel at:

Other Anthem Guitar”s Links:
Official Website
Myspace Page
Facebook Page

Also in other news, we just picked up another person to help with shows and touring over the summer.  If you are also interested in helping the band book/promote shows, please email us at:    Thanks for being great fans!

-The First Stone

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