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Name: Brian Kelly

Age: 28

Hometown:  Dalton, GA


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“margin: 0in 0in 0pt;”>Snowboarding, golf, hoops, guitar, piano, wii, writing, arranging, composing; I guess I’m a pretty easy going kid. Life is too short to take yourself super serious. I try to appreciate the little things in life that you can’t put a dollar value on.

Do you have pets? What kind, type and how many?

Golden Retriever named Jasmine (3 years old)…but we call her Jazz, jazzy, jazzybear, jazzy j, monkey

How about school? Like it/Hate it?

Necessary evil. Gotta punch your ticket in this world.

What has it taught you in regards to things you need to know to be successful in life and your music?

School? Not much…I guess that no matter how silly you may think things are…you have to find a way to be successful in this life. Songs are completely different for me. They come from a quiet and sometimes dark place that usually stems from personal experiences and mistakes made along the way. If that was my only criteria I would have enough songs to record lots of albums full of whiny, melancholy masterpieces. But who really cares about all that crap? Life is good. I’ll be beatin on that guitar and writing about what makes me sad, happy, angry, depressed, hopeful, or confused for the rest of my days.

What else sets you apart from your peers?

Besides my striking good looks? J When the shit hits the fan…I’ll be there in a second for my friends.

Favorite Foods:

I’m gonna go with…..italian. But I’m a big fan of food in general so bring it on!

Favorite Color(s) and why does it appeal to you?

Green…Ireland, golf, grass, trees, nature…shades of green

Music Questions

Why did you choose the instrument(s) you play?

My mom is a hell of a piano player but I was always busy playing sports as a kid. Its funny….now I just play guitar chords on the piano to write and arrange songs. I wish I could play like her. I played the saxophone in the band in school until they wanted me to march at the football games and I said “ummmmm…..NO”. I Bought my first guitar at a pawn shop for $150 so I could strum along with my friends in high school who were trying to pick it up. All of them put it down…but I never did and never will. I found other players who were much better than me and just leaned by copying. I play by ear. I remember when I was younger playing till my fingers were bloody I loved it so much. Still happens today. Talent is one thing but when you truly love something…you can’t hide it. At least I can’t.

How long have you played?

Since I was 15

Why this type of music? What was its appeal?

I don’t ever want to be one dimensional. I enjoy all genres of music except hard core gangsta and death metal. Its funny how people say “indie rock” now. That shit could mean anything. I guess I want to be a cross between all the bands I love so much. Chili peppers funk mixed with great lyrics (Ryan Adams) palm muted story telling of a Jack Johnson, and sometimes just the pure balls of a Led Zep (haven’t quite figured out how to sing like that though). What can I say…it’s a work in progress.

When/Where did the idea to form a band happen?

When I was 7 and heard Bon Jovi’s “slippery when wet” record…hahaha

What do you think of touring?

I like money….I have a little…I keep it in a jar over my fridge.

I’d like to put more in that jar…that’s where you come in.

What are you goals as far as your music?

I want to start a revolution baby! No…seriously…I just want to get better as a song writer and a performer every day for the rest of my life.

What message(s) do you hope people take from your music?

If I can put a smile on one kid’s face or make someone forget, for a moment, about a bad day or stressful experience then that’s what I’m here to do. I hope that my songs will strike a chord that others can relate too. I’m kinda strange I guess so who knows. I guess that I would like to provide an outlet for people to just let go of their problems fo a hot minute. Life is good and we’re all luckier than we realize in general.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Wide Variety here…The Allman Brothers Band, Beatles, Led Zep, Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, Amos Lee, John Butler trio, Butch Walker, Emerson Hart, Wilco, Ryan Adams

What makes your music unique compared to others in the same genre?

You tell me…I’m probably the most autobiographical artist you’ll ever encounter. The jury is still out whether that’s good or bad. One thing for sure…its real life…mine.

Family Questions

How have family and friends helped you in the pursuit of your music career?

I’m a pretty lucky guy in that my friends in family love me for me. I give it right back 100%. I will always be playing music in some capacity as long as I’m able. I would say that I really appreciate having folks around me that are honest about what’s good and what’s not.

Are there any sacrifices you’ve had to make in order to be in the band?

Playing music is a blessing…not a burden. If it becomes a burden then I’ll quit.

If you could have three wishes granted what would they be?

Buy a house soon

Record an album

I wouldn’t mind winning the big game on the GA Lottery…then I could break off a percentage for Patel, my favorite shell station owner who always has a smile on his face

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