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I”m a music fan first and an artist second.  I knew the very first time that I walked into Dixie Tavern with my friend Chace back in 2006 and saw a guy named Zac Brown tearing it up that Atlanta has some amazing talent if you look closely.  I remember thinking “these guys are going to make it”….and um…THEY DID!

I just wanted to update everyone on some great local artists that I”ve discovered over the past year or so.  ATL has an amazing network of indie/folk/alt/rock n”roll bands that I have really been listening to a lot of  and  wanted to share with you guys.  We are a part of the local Atlanta music scene and have been for almost 2 years now…man where does the time go…and we”ve been lucky enough to share the stage with some amazing talent.

Here are my picks for best local artists/bands that you might not know about but definitely should.  If you”re looking for something to do around town then definitely check out these acts!  These tracks will also make a pretty amazing mixed CD so go download them and support local music!  Speaking of local music…come hang out with Nate and I on Monday night at Eddie”s Attic.

I”m Chinese

We love these guys and their music kicks major ass!  John is a super talented guitarist and a good friend and Frank has the voice I wish I had!  Super tight band.  They have a lot of new material so look out for them and check out “Till it Burns” and “Deathbed Conscience”                   Rock/alt/indie

Teddy and the Bears

great great songs here…just awesome.  I expect huge things from them in the next year.    Check out “Hawaii”, “That”s What She Said”, and “The High Life”        Rock/Alt/Indie

Trances Arc

Nate and I caught these guys at the Earl back in February and they killed it! They have a new record out very soon so keep a lookout!  AWESOME BAND!!!!    Cuando sienta que es el momento para apostar su dinero en el , le daremos un bono unico en su primer deposito del 150% de hasta €600. “Boom City” and “Cold Drivers”       ROCK/Indie

Nic Cowan

I caught this guy live at Atkins park in Smyrna a few months back and he did not disappoint.  Zac Brown and the boys seem to have taken him under their wing and now he is recording his debut album.  Citizen Cope meets Zac Brown.  soul/folkrock      Very soulful.

“Gutter Song”, “New Shit”

Tyler Lyle

Nate and I played with this guy last June at an acoustic show and I went home and listened to everything he has online.  You should too.  My favorite songwriter in town.        Folk/folk rock/americana

“Closer to Me”, “…”Or Else I”ll Float Away”,

The Beggars’ Guild

Tom Petty and The Counting Crows lovechild.  I happen to love both bands.

Check out:  “21”, “Falling Apart”


3 piece rock at it”s finest.  I need to get out and see these guys!

Check out: “Low Life”, “Everyone”s a Stranger”

Silent and Listen


“My Mistake” – GREAT song

Jason Connelly

Acoustic/Folk Rock/Soul

Saw this guy at Eddie”s Attic a month ago…GREAT voice.

Check out: “Baby Hold Me Close”

Nick Ogawa


Electric cello – NUFF SAID

Check out: “Neon Green Aligator”, “Light the Flame”

Grand Prize Winners From Last Year

Alt/Punk/Hip Hop

We”ve played a few shows with these guys and if you”re looking for high energy…THIS IS IT!  Great guys and they write great songs.

Check out:  “When You”re Not Around”, “Number One Fan”

Detroit Mutant Radio

Rock/Fusion/Funk and a little Mo Townin sections

Amazing drummer!

These guys killed it at 10 High when we played with them and I”m Chinese last December.  Think Chili Peppers with turn tables and an Outkast vibe.

Check out:  “Mystery 13”, “Where will you go”

Smalltown Mayors

Alt/Folk rock/Americana

Pete Yorn type vocals and a Ryan Adams type vibe.    I just discovered them and I really like the sound.

Check out: “Man Like That”

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