Some of the best new bands of 2009! (and maybe 2010)

Hey all,

I thought I’d take a moment to tell all of you some of the bands I’ve been listening to lately.  I really feel that these are some of the best new bands of 2009 and possibly 2010!  (bands listed in no particular order)

nicovega_album1.  Nico Vega – Their Track “Beast” really got me!  Check it out at

2.  Jeremy Lister – A GREAT sounding album.  My friend Vanessa introduced me to them!  A great find.

3.  The Damnwells – Yes, a great great new band.  Love the singer’s voice and very powerful, meaningful songs!  Check them out in Atlanta at Vinyl this Friday, August 1st.

4.  Gary Pfaff & The Heartwells – An amazing songwriter!

loverswisdomCOVER5.  Galynne Goodwill – Very dear to me!  As the years have gone by, she has become a much better songwriter.  Be sure to get her latest release “Lovers of Wisdom” free from her website!

6.  Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons – A great band from Wisconsin with a great folk/Americana sound.  Justin Perkins does a great job mixing them!

7. Squarewave – One of my all time favorite bands!  Their album Dullhead was a great album.  Check out some of their tracks on myspace!

8. MGMT – Yet another one of my new favorite sounds.  They have such a unique blend of electronics and live music that it’s hard to resist their sound!

9.  Kings of Leon – One of the most digitally downloaded bands of 2009. (In fact, it was the most downloaded band of all time in 2009! WOW!)  Check them out for sure.  I love their music and hear they are pretty grand live!

santigoldbannerbox10.  Santigold – Her new wave/pop mix makes for some great catchy dance tunes.  Check her out this year.  She is sure to be “gold!”  Dave (our bass player) introduced her to me after his trip to the 2009 Bonnaroo Festival.  Maybe I should go next year to hear some great new acts!??!?!?!  Anyone wanna come with?
Well, that is it for my list of some of the best new bands of 2009 (and maybe 2010) for now.  I’m sure I’ll post more as the time comes.

What do you think of my list?  Good taste?  Leave me a comment below if you have any more bands that you think I’d like!


3 thoughts on “Some of the best new bands of 2009! (and maybe 2010)

  1. you have ok taste in music but try going for a more mellow thing like blue october or owl city or even all time low and be sure to check myspace for prepare for yesterday their new and there from a small town so just check them out!!

  2. I don’t know what these two bozos don’t know what they are talking about you just turned me onto like five bands with great albums who I have never heard of. Thank You. I produce and rap these records inspire me.

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