The politics of cereal.


Raisin Flakes - Available Through our store! Only $8.00/box. Its 3 times as good at only 2 and half times the price!


My favorite cereal! Only $8.00/box!

OK fans.  This is not a stupid post.  THIS IS FOR REAL!

The politics of mixing cereal!

It has been a long time dream of mine to mix different brands of cereals together and sell it as my own cereal.  The first time I came upon this idea was when I only had half a bowl of Raisin Bran left and I desired a full bowl of cereal, so I poured some corn flakes on top of it!  My concoction proved to be THREE times better than either cereal by itself.  I deemed my concoction to be worth at least $8.00/box and decided I would buy it in bulk and sell it as my own brand “Raisin Flakes!”I wrote a letter to Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran and asked if I could sell their cereals blended together at my own price and they denied me the privilege of selling their blended cereal for $8.00/box.  From the rejection, I considered suicide, but then I discovered Cream of Shredded Wheat!  Now I’m on cloud 9 again!  Due to being denied by the corporate giants, I have taken to the streets to my premium blends!  Only $8.00/box.  You can also buy my premium blends of cereal through our website store!

And that is the politics of cereal!  Buy my concoctions now!


PS.  Our new songs are awesome.

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  1. Also curious about the inastnt oatmeal comment. I recently switched to steel-cut oats because I wanted to control what was added into the oatmeal, but I didn’t realize inastnt oatmeal was bad . I’ve found that if I start the oats cooking right when I get up, then by the time I take a shower and the kids are out of bed, all I have to do is add in some flavoring and breakfast is ready. It tastes great warmed up after being in the fridge for a day or two, so I tend to make large batches. I also make a big egg + some kind of meat and potato casserole once a week and we eat some of that mid-morning (I have a preschooler and a toddler and one on the way). Eating fruit is easy around here I keep a big tub of frozen fruit chunks in the freezer and we have that for treats/dessert throughout the day.

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