The Scene Venue in Marietta, GA is closing – Shows Cancelled.

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Bad news.  Our show at The Scene on August 29th has been canceled.  Not only our show was canceled, but ALL shows at The Scene in Marietta, GA have been canceled.  Art Lea with Armageddon Entertainment had this to say about the cancellation of all shows at The Scene in Marietta, GA:

snapper1249362957211“It is with much regret that I tell you we’re shutting things down for now. The Scene is a great venue and the owner is a good friend of mine but consistantly covering the cost for outside sound and light companies has just become unreasonable. I worked 9 hours at the last show and had to cut a check out of my personal account to pay the production people and can no longer do that. If I had a venue that had it’s own sound and lights, I could pack it out all the time and everyone would get paid. I haven’t made a dime at The Scene in over a month and though I love throwing rock shows… I gotta pay bills too. Thank you to every band that has ever booked with me, it has been so much fun. I’m talking to all the venues around Atlanta and if I can help you get booked some place else… I will.
My relationship with the venue is in tact and we might do some big things there in the future. As soon as I find another venue that has it’s own sound and lights and is ready to throw down… I’ll let you know.

Thanks for always having my back…. you know who you are.

Art Dunlea
Armageddon Entertainment”

snapper1249319758802So, it looks like The Scene won’t have bands play for a while.  When we last checked the Scene calendar, about 50 bands have been affected by this cancellation of shows.  Hopefully, the Scene will be open again because it was a great ALL AGES venue for our fans to come and see the band!  The full list of bands affected is shown in the picture to the right.  We’d love for this venue to re-open, so please take the time to email their myspace at:

Again, our August 29th show at The Scene in Marietta, GA has been canceled.  Until then, keep checking our music calendar for more dates.  We have a great show at Lenny’s Bar this Wednesday with special guests Shadow Boxer, The Humboldt Trio, Mog Rocket, & Dayglo Dago.  Show time is 9pm and we are headlining the show.  Hope to see you there.

For more information about the Lenny’s Bar show, please visit their website at:

-The First Stone

UPDATE: Shows are back on! We are still playing on August 29th!  Please come see us.  Visit the link below for more information:

Sorry for the confusion!

2 thoughts on “The Scene Venue in Marietta, GA is closing – Shows Cancelled.

  1. the scene’s shows are NOT canceled. theyre under new mngment now and entrance is 5 dollars instead of 10 now.

    i think they posted a bulletin not too long ago.

    we had a show sept 5th.


  2. Hello,
    The Scene is NOT closed and it’s shows are NOT canceled. Mr. Dunlea was relieved of the position and The Scene is now under new management. I am the new manager.

    I would sincerely like to keep all previously arranged agreements in tact if I’m able to but there has been some destruction towards my efforts of both doing that, and keeping the venue alive and it’s crew employed which include the schedule getting deleted so I have no idea what the schedule was. I am working as hard as I can to repair the damage that’s been done, and is continuing to be attempted by the previous manager.

    If any bands, artists, entertainers in general had a previous arrangement with The Scene I would greatly appreciate you contacting me on The Scene Venue’s myspace profile.

    Thank you,
    Rob “Bort” Lipsky

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